Charcoal Masks: Are they actually good for your skin?
I'm sure you've seen the Charcoal Masks that beauty bloggers and everyone seem to be using these days with mixed results (ummm, screaming as they peel it off). They promise to give you glowing younger skin but the truth is they're often doing more harm than good. "The real danger, is the do-it-yourself masks that include charcoal powder mixed with glue.  The skin may feel smooth but with a layer of skin gone, you're exposed. So when you're tearing that off you're literally setting yourself up for failure as far as breaking out because all the outside elements can get onto your skin and stick."

Watch the WGN report about it here.

The Solution: Regular exfoliating at home with a gentle yet effective exfoliant (We love the RVB Soothing Exfoliant which is great for sensitive skin) or a deep peel done a professional for quicker results. We are excited to be one of the first studios in K-W to have the Alex Herbal Peel which gives you radiant youthful skin for real (without the painful mask removal process). Tracey has been certified by Alex senior trainers and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Way to Go!
As always, continued skill development is a priority at Curve Hair Studio we wish to congratulate both Claudia and Shandra on achieving numerous professional goals over the past year and developing as even better stylists. Please join us in celebrating their new designations. There will be a change in the value of certain services with Claudia and Shandra so feel free to ask us about that during your next visit. We value your business and that is why we are always learning. We are excited for the development we have planned for 2017 and look forward to sharing it with you.